It was only a matter of time before someone brought the real-life version of Celebrity Death Match to our shores, for charidee, of course. The only thing missing is actual celebrities. Let's be honest, the only bona fide celebrity on display here is former footballer Lee Sharpe (has the UK reality pool run dry already, Lee?). What we're left with is comedian Alan Shortt, actor MacLean Burke, TV presenter John McGuire, Dragons' Den entrepreneur Sean Gallagher, journalists Joe O'Shea and Paul Martin, former GAA star Jack Sheedy, RTE presenter Rob Ross and Apprentice competitor Ben Clarke. For fear the title (which would have Tolkien turning in his resting place - if it weren't for charidee, of course) isn't adequate clarification of the proceedings; a load of heads, who we sort of know, are training for a series of bouts to raise money. For charidee. Lucy Kennedy and Barry McGuigan present. Continues on Tuesday. For more horror, the American remale of Dark Water follows at 10.35pm.