Anna Ryder-Richardson is having a midlife crisis and, according to Channel 4, this translates as a good production opportunity. What do you get when you cross an interior design guru with a bunch of wild animals? A comedic catastrophe, that's what! The former Changing Rooms presenter and her husband Colin have cashed in their luxury lifestyle in the city to buy a rundown zoo in Wales to try to lead a better family life with their two young daughters. But, with ramshackle enclosures, animals dropping like flies and their dream of living the good life fast becoming a nightmare, can they open their zoo in time to for the holiday season? And will their relationship outlive the lemurs? This film follows eight months in the extraordinary life of one extraordinary family. If fiction is more to your liking this evening, Kenneth Branagh stars in a new series called Wallander over on BBC1 at 9.00pm.