Brace yourselves - you're about to see the moment when Brian is introduced to Vogue *grabs chest* - it's all so spontaneous. In this last installment, The Celebs head out to the opening of Harry’s Bar - where Calum introduces model Vogue to his good friend Brian McFadden - and they seem to hit it off! Calum is having such a good time that he decides to stay and party all night with Brian and Vogue, forgetting that it’s a work night. Tsk. The next morning, when he fails to show up at the salon and is subsequently disqualified from the competition - the drama!! Also tonight, the slebs have to prepare mood boards for a high end fashion shoot and on their final night in the celebrity house they compete against each other in a karaoke contest. Then the two celebrities which have been judged to have performed the best over the duration of the series (Alan and Rosanna, just a wild guess) will go head to head to style a fashion shoot for a top fashion magazine. Worth enduring for the voice over dude alone.