Another chance to see this celebrity special, as four famous faces compete to prove their worth as the best dinner party host. Taking part are the UK's most (and, possibly, only) famous magician's assistant 'the lovely' Debbie McGee; former MP, and aspiring stand-up comic, Lembit Opik; radio presenter and former 11 O'Clock Show and RI:SE host Iain Lee; and Essex 'glamour model and party girl' Jodie Marsh. Debbie kicks off the week in style in the luxurious Thames-side home she shares with husband Paul Daniels. Without Paul around to wave his magic wand, she's flying solo and has decided to cut a few corners, using some shop bought items - something that fails to impress one eagle-eyed guest. On night two, Lembit turns host, though his efforts are in danger of being overshadowed by Jodie's seductive outfit. On the final night, Jodie is out to prove that there's more to her than her image, though the imposing picture of her that sits above her dinner table does rather undermine her goal. In yet more unnerving repeats; Channel 4 are airing Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story at 10.45pm.