We've managed to give this a wide birth (pun marginally intended) until now, but we can ignore it no more. Is it wantonly exploitative viewing or is it actually beneficial to those participating? Basically, ten dangerously overweight teenagers are spending one month with the Iban tribe (former headhunters), living deep in the harsh and remote jungles of Borneo, South East Asia. The teens will have to become hunter-gatherers. Abiding by the Iban's strict social rules and customs, they will exist on a natural and unprocessed diet. If they want to eat, they must first pick, dig, trap, kill and cook their food. To survive, the five boys and five girls will have to stomach the Iban's traditional diet which includes such delicacies as fat sago worms, freshly caught frogs and large river snails - a menu far away from pizzas, hamburgers, crisps and chocolate. They will have to slaughter chickens, gather jungle ferns, trap fish and hunt wild boar. The teens will be closely monitored by a team of Iban mentors as well as by a qualified nutritionist and a team of doctors. Oh, and the viewing public.