The brand new comedy set in the hotbed of academic mediocrity that is Kirke University kicks off tonight. With the facility's bank balance and academic reputation in decline, vice chancellor Jonty de Wolfe is forced to make huge spending cuts and the University rumour mill goes into paranoid overdrive. No one's job is safe, it seems. Apart from those whose jobs are safe, of course. Hard work, diligence and not telling whopping great fibs on your CV should see you right. So not looking great for Lazy Prof Matt or Accomms. If this looks familiar to you, it's because it was first seen as part of Channel 4's 2009 Comedy Showcase season, and stars Joseph Millson, Sara Pascoe, Will Adamsdale, Dolly Wells and Lisa Jackson. It's also from 'the makers of Green Wing', just so you know what you're potentially letting yourselves in for.