Filmmaker Molly Clarke follows an extraordinary British bullfighter as he comes out of retirement to restart his career. Frank "El Ingles" Evans is Britain's only professional matador. In 2005, he retired from the sport under doctors' orders to undergo knee replacement surgery and later a quadruple heart bypass. But last year, Frank announced that he was making a comeback to the bull ring at the tender age of 65. As part of First Cut , Channel 4's documentary strand showcasing original films by up-and-coming directors, Bus Pass Bullfighter follows Frank's progress over three months as he prepares to re-enter the dangerous and controversial world of professional bullfighting. The son of a Manchester butcher, who was inspired to bullfight after reading about 1940s and 50s British matador Vincent Charles Hitchcock, Frank became the only Englishman to achieve the 'matador de toros' accolade. After practising with a cape in a park in Salford, he travelled to Spain to fight his way into bullfighting school and went on to surprise Spanish crowds, confounded at the sight of this sunburnt English bullfighter.