Waheed Khan's First Cut film focuses on three sufferers of albinism from different families, unusually containing multiple members with the disorder. Haider, 25, is one of six albino siblings, an occurrence so uncommon that it would qualify as a Guinness World Record. This rarity is the product of two albino parents, matched together from a young age back in their native country, Pakistan, out of fear that their condition would leave them without a partner in later life. Ayo, 16, is the oldest of three albino siblings, and also has educational attainment problems due to his condition. His mother, wanting him to receive a better education, moves the family from Brixton to the less ethnically diverse borough of High Barnet, making it even harder for Ayo to be seen as the black Nigerian he longs to be. Joey, 15, is the only ethnically white albino subject in the film. Having been harshly bullied throughout his life, even severely beaten shortly before filming began, he finds solace in his multi-instrumental talent for music. This warm and moving film follows these three victims of ignorance and circumstance as they attempt to regain their confidence and discover the identity for which they have all been searching.