Behold the lives of people plagued by irrational fears, and the journeys they take in the battle to overcome them. Sufferers often have no idea where their fear has come from, but the symptoms of severe phobias - shaking, sweating, stress rashes, erratic breathing and even vomiting - are real enough. From frogs to peas and tree roots to snow, this programme displays an extraordinary range of irrational fears that have blighted the lives of ordinary people and follows three of them on their emotional journeys as they attempt to overcome the terror that dominated their lives for decades. On such person is 37-year-old Sue from Birmingham. Sue hasn't touched her knees for 16 years and can't bear to utter the word 'kneecap'. Therapist David Allison has the unenviable task of exposing the sufferers to their nemeses (in Sue's case, her own knees) and applying his theories to help release them from the destructive grip of their fear.