The term 'gifted' is reserved for those children in the top 5% of academic achievement, but within that exclusive bracket is a large and varied number of truly remarkable children. This compelling, poignant and often heart-warming documentary tells the stories of some of Ireland's most gifted and exceptional children and their families. Featuring a wide variety of families, this documentary presents an honest and revealing insight into the lives of very special children as they cope with the highs and lows of being 'different'. Every parent wants their child to do well at school but for the 23,000 Irish children classed as 'gifted', it can be a double-edged blessing. For those at the very top end of the scale, normal schooling sometimes isn't enough and specialist tuition must be sought to prevent them disengaging with school entirely. In some cases, children and their parents must also cope with 'dual exceptionality', whereby outstanding academic capabilities go hand in hand with a serious learning difficulty such as dyslexia or Asperger's Syndrome and parents must constantly walk a fine tightrope.