Colin Blanchard, Vanessa George, Angela Allen, Tracy Lyons and Tracey Dawber provoked widespread revulsion and made international headlines after their sexual offences against children came to light in 2009. With unique access to the police investigation, Cutting Edge is the first film to take an in-depth forensic look at this criminal web - detailing how it actually operated, and what motivated the five different people within it. Chilling unseen police evidence from a multi-force inquiry is pieced together in an attempt to understand how Colin Blanchard persuaded four women - all mothers - to abuse children. To understand the emotional and psychological fall-out for those most intimately affected by the ring, the film makers hear from the parents of a child who attended the Little Ted's Nursery in Plymouth, where Vanessa George worked. Unaware of the secret lives of their loved ones, the perpetrators' relatives also talk candidly about how the legacy of abuse continues to affect them.