Entertainment.ie only managed to watch the first half hour of this new body swap 'dramady', before our caterwauls of 'Just go back to your own apartment, you muppet - contact a trusted friend/family member, like Tom Hanks did in Big!' made further viewing impossible. We should really stop taking Freaky Friday themed entertainment shows so seriously.  Tonight, life becomes fraught for Danny as he throws himself into the fashion world and gets to know a new circle of obnoxious friends - and Jay starts coming on strong about resuming a physical relationship. Meanwhile, Fiona and Pete investigate their friend's disappearance (Danny's body is living on the streets 'cause the woman in it has obviously forgotten her way back to her own apartment) and grow suspicious of the glamorous journalist on his trail. Seriously, WHY - if you were a bloke from a DIY shop who'd been transported into that of an attractive female's - would you even try to immerse yourself in the world of fashion, while fending off the advances of your new body's manfriend when you could devote ALL your time to searching for your rightful body and then a live power source? GAH!