Borat (Cohen) is a Kazakhstani TV personality sent to the US by his country - with a documentary crew in tow - on a fact-finding-mission about 'the greatest country on earth'. You don't need to be a fan of Cohen's television incarnation of the Borat character to find this film hilarious; merely a fan of smart comedy in general. This is an acutely political piece of filmmaking that cleverly uses the guise of a dim-witted, if undeniably sweet character, to make some irrefutable points about the frame of mind of (some) American culture. That said, there's a point in the film where Borat wrestles his naked corpulent producer to the floor in a cringe-inducing scene that will have you both laughing and wincing in disbelief at the lengths that Cohen is willing to go to. Don't allow the political tag to scare you off either; it's all sub-text, and there is plenty here to amuse and offend everybody.