Zooey's big sis Emily Deschanel and the former vampire slaying eh... vampire, David Boreanaz, are back for the ninth series of the 'Bones' tonight. Brennan (Deschanel) is still in the dark about why Booth (Boreanaz) called off the wedding, and wonders if she should break up with him. If only she knew that he is only doing it as he was under threat, and is actually saving peoples lives dammit! This is JUST like the heartbreak of Buffy and Angel ALL over again. Speaking of Buffy, her real life husband Freddie Prinze Jr is in this too. Wonder was that a favour called in there, as poor Freddie hasn't seen much TV action since his High School movie days. Getting back to tonight anyways - the duo also investigate why the body of an accountant for the state department is found stuffed in a hotel's air conditioning unit. Freddie to the rescue! Ahem.. sorry Freddie.