When it comes to food, most of us are spoilt for choice. Many simply take it for granted that it's possible to buy whatever food they want, whenever they want it, all year round. But what about the human cost of producing all this cheap food for our convenience? In the follow-up to the Bafta-nominated BBC Three series Blood, Sweat And T-shirts, six young British consumers travel to South East Asia to see just what's involved in producing the food they take for granted. The intrepid six are fussy eater Jess (19), fast-food fan Manos (20), fitness fanatic Olu (25), luxury food lover Lauren (21), keen cook Josh (20) and ethical shopper Stacey (20). They must catch, harvest and process food products that are eaten every day in the UK, as they go behind the scenes of the tuna, prawn, rice and chicken industries. They also eat, sleep and live with the food workers in the poorest regions of Indonesia and Thailand and see how they fare living on the same wage - the average for such workers being around £3 a day. Don't have BBC3? The second installment of UTV's Holiday Showdown is also on at 9.00pm. The two families who learn to hate each other are the Maybes, who trade their vacation of sun and sangria in Lanzarote for a Scottish SAS survival-style course, a popular destination with the Brown family.