Michael Jackson's radical facial transformation was shrouded in secrecy and became a contentious subject for discussion. Many saw him as a sell-out, betraying his ethnic heritage. For others he is a source of inspiration, paving the way for people to use surgery and science to change their race. Part of Channel 4's 'Race: Science's Last Taboo' season, this series examines the emerging trend for deracialisation surgery through the stories of six people who want to go to extreme lengths to westernise their bodies and faces. The series also interviews the surgeons willing to make their dreams come true. Whether it's a more slender nose, longer legs, wider eyes, or less body hair, plastic surgery and science are making anything possible. BBC1 are, strangely enough, keeping with the same theme at the later time of 11.05pm. Make Me White sees Watchdog presenter Anita Rani examine the skin-lightening business, now thought to be worth millions of pounds. She examines the pressures within Britain's Asian communities that cause many young people to wish for paler complexions, and exposes under-the-counter creams that contain harmful chemicals causing irreversible damage to the skin.