Tonight, the Big Yin boards a Russian cruise ship to make an eight-day trip through the Northwest Passage and visit the sites where explorers have lived and died. Stopping off on Beechey Island, where Victorian naval officer John Franklin was stranded for two years, Billy moves on to Gjoa Haven, a settlement on King William Island where Roald Amundsen stayed 50 years after Franklin's expedition. He then heads south to Dawson City, the site of a gold rush in the late 19th century. It might be nice to bring your brain down a notch afterwards; in which case there's a new series of The Graham Norton Show starting at 10.00pm on BBC2. The host welcomes special guest Fergie (the Duchess of York, not the one who peed her pants onstage) while comedian Ed 'Darlene' Byrne also joins the show for the usual mix of celebrity chat and audience participation. Here's hoping they whack a load of make up on Byrne, he's as pallid as a month old corpse.