It's thaaaaat tiiiime of yeeeear aaaggaaain *cackles manically* WHEN IS IT GOING TO END?! Next year, they said next year, didn't they?! *rocks slowly*. To celebrate Big Brother's TENTH YEAR, and to mark the launch of the new series of the iconic show, Davina McCall hosts a very special one-off comedy quiz show celebrating all things Big Brother. Team captains Danny Wallace, Ulrika Jonsson, Jamelia and Jack Whitehall hook up with some of the most memorable housemates to face questions about tasks, tantrums, relationships, life after Big Brother and much more. Featuring unexpected twists and surprises, and the return of familiar faces like Nikki Grahame, "Nasty" Nick Bateman, Brian Belo, Derek Laud and Makosi Musambasi.