Well, we know Rex went and hopped into bed with Stephanie, but we doubt there's going to be much air time devote to that indiscretion. We also know that Stephanie kissed Rebecca at the wrap party, which I bet confused Luke enormously. Shouldn't it have turned him on more? Lisa and Mario have spent an extraordinary amount of time and money getting an array of fillers and posions injected into their faces. Belinda has been mostly singing, while the model that walked the day she was due to be evicted has been modeling. Sarah has been exclaiming loudly, Darnell has been doubting himself, Mohammed's not worth mentioning, Kathreya has been sandwiched between her prince charming and some oversized cookies, Mikey's been shouting a lot and Rachel - along with the rest of the viewing public - is still wondering how in the name of jaysis she managed to win. Stay with Channel 4 for an extra-echoey installment of T-Mobile Transmission at 12.10am. The acts featured include Black Kids, Pigeon Detectives, Cut Copy and The Mighty Boosh (who should really just stick to the comedy).