From the production company behind Haughey (2005) and Fine Gael: A Family at War (2004) comes a new series which explores the question: who is the real Bertie Ahern? Apparently it takes a four-part series to say 'one jammy chancer'. With no connections in the party, Bertie Ahern fought and won a Dáil seat on his first attempt. Almost uniquely, he survived the civil wars over Haughey's leadership unscathed. He remained underestimated by his colleagues even as he rose to the leadership. As Taoiseach, he formed three back-to-back governments and presided over a decade-long boom - jumping ship just before it hit the rocks. The opening episode of Bertie takes us from childhood through to the election of 1989. Insider accounts show how a formidable constituency operation was created around him in Drumcondra, a 'machine' that provided him with the electoral and financial muscle to reach the top.