We wouldn't be huge fans, but you might be, and who are we to dictate what you watch by not bringing new series to your attention (it actually started last week, sorry about that). It's check in time at The Solana for Noreen (Elsie Kelly) who, this year has brought her irritable daughter Pauline (Selina Griffiths) along. Pauline has spent the past few years in South Africa with her husband but is now going through a messy divorce. There's trouble in store for Sam (Shelley Longworth) and Natalie (Kathryn Drysdale) as they hit a nightclub with Liam (Adam Gillen) and mayhem ensues. Les/Lesley, (Tim Healey) on the other hand, is settling in fine at the pool bar but his/her efficiency is getting on Mateo’s (Jake Canuso) nerves and he hatches a plan to try to get rid of him/her.