With Britain now paying out more in benefits than it raises in income tax (sounds familiar), their Government is trying to revolutionise the welfare system. This programme follows Hayley Taylor as she runs a six-week course designed to help single mothers gain the skills and confidence needed to return to work, and convince them that they will be better off doing so. Until recently, the 700,000 lone parents receiving benefit didn't have to look for work until their youngest child was 16. Soon, they must either work, or be looking for work, once their youngest child is seven. Cameras follow her group of ten single mothers, referred from the Job Centre, during their intensive course to prepare them for work. Hayley forces them to confront whether they're avoiding work and attempts to sell them the advantages of a life without welfare dependency. There are tears, tantrums and startling revelations before some of the women are offered trial jobs with a high street retailer.