The acting from yer man in the promo is shocking, but TV3 are trying their hand at drama so it might be worth tuning in for. This is a modernised and witty remake of Oscar Wilde's classic play - Lady Windermere's Fan - which sticks as close as possible to its original language. Like Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet, credible modern situations, and certain new staging detail, are created/twisted in order to retain almost all of Wilde's dialogue. On a broader, more thematic level, Wilde's obsession with the complexities of morality are revealed to be just as relevant today as they were in the late nineteenth century. Belonging To Laura shows that now, as well as then, there are certain secrets (like the birron deh side) worth keeping in order to maintain a healthy relationship. TV3 then repeat the enlightening Gabriel Byrne Stories from Home at 10.30pm.