Not tuning into the new series of Grey's Anatomy on Living (it'll only be new if you've haven't been watching it on RTE2 of a Tuesday) or shielding your eyes after the questionable resurrection of Rab C Nesbitt (9.30pm, BBC2), well try this new comedy starring Rhys Thomas, Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson on for size, so. Radio phone-in host Gary Bellamy is given the opportunity to present his own TV series, travelling round the country to find out what it means to be British. He begins by meeting regular callers to his show, including 28-stone Graham Downes, Jamaican entrepreneur Early D, reformed criminal Tony Beckton and small-minded builder Martin Hole... To offset this, there's a new run of The Culture Show starting on BBC2 at 11.20pm. Verity Sharp presents from the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, which is paying tribute to singer-songwriter Nick Drake 35 years after his death.