On really late, blah, etc - those folks in BBC Northern Ireland think we'd enjoy a repeat of In Cold Blood at 10.00pm, blah, if only we had BBC England etc. Seriously though, why do we have to wait 'til 11.50pm to see this much hyped new sitcom?! Olivia Colman (Sophie from Peep Show), Meera Syal, Aidan McArdle, Layton Williams, Samuel Burnett and Luke Ward-Wilkinson star in this comic memoir based on the story of Simon Doonan, who was born in Reading but is now creative director of the swankiest store in Barneys. Each week, the narrative moves between New York City, 'now', and Reading, 'then' (that would be the '90s). In the first episode, Simon is creating a window in the New York store when his assistant, Sacha, knocks over a vase. Memories come flooding back of how he got the vase; of how his mum, Debbie, drank too much of his dad's homemade wine; of how his sister, Ashlene, was desperate to 'hang with the crew in the hood'; and of how he came to be wearing a dress that belonged to his best friend, Kylie's, mum. No, really, it's meant to be good.