The second series of this 'flashback' show hits BBC2 tonight. We're hoping it might be funnier this time around. Simon Doonan returns to Reading from New York with a broken heart to find that his mother, Debbie, has taken in a couple of Polish women. An object in his old bedroom reminds him of his younger self *cue 80s flashback* One of his school teachers disbelieves that, unlike everybody else in his class, he has two married parents. The teacher sets the class a project on genealogy and a rather extraordinary picture emerges. Simon's mother, father and their lodger, Auntie Hayley, each give him conflicting memories of his parents' wedding day. It finally emerges that due to a series of mishaps his parents have never actually been married. Far from despondent, Simon and his best friend Kylie set about designing and preparing for his parents' wedding, complete with Nazi uniforms and Sound of Music soundtrack.