In this episode, Bear enters the heart of Dracula country: the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. The forests are teeming with ferocious predators, and it's not long before Bear comes face to face with a large adult male brown bear. Battling the rugged landscape, Bear the slides down a treacherous gorge and climbs sheer limestone cliffs. Finally he heads underground and follows a subterranean river through dark caves in the hope of cutting beneath the torturous terrain above. Along the way he feeds on nature's delights: snails, trout and apples found in a pile of bear droppings. He then retires to his hotel room for the evening. Following at 9.00pm is a delightful repeat of the two-parter Hitler: The Rise of Evil. First in a two-part drama - starring Rizzo from Greece -  tracing the formative years of the Nazi dictator, following the progression of a developing mind that went on to captivate a nation desperate for a leader it could believe in. Motivated by a combination of misplaced anger and ego, Hitler ultimately brought Germany to a state of chaos it had never experienced before - such was it's want for a leader it could believe in.