IDivine Rapture, a black comedy about miracles, starring cinema legend Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Debra Winger and John Hurt began filming on July 10th 1995. The movie crashed just 10 days later, dashing the hopes of an entire village and breaking the heart of its ambitious young producer, Barry Navidi. Ballybrando is the story of that monumental movie collapse. It is also the little known story of Marlon Brando's brief, but heartfelt Irish adventure, where he described himself as feeling more at home here than anywhere else in the world. The film features interviews with the film's producer Barry Navidi, director Thom Eberhardt and some stars from the film including John Hurt, Angeline Ball and Elaine Symons, who got her first break acting on the film as a 15-year-old local Cork girl. Ballycotton locals are central to the story, particularly Pat Swanwick, who was Marlon's cook for the duration of his stay. They formed a close friendship and Marlon opened up to her with the problems and tragedy he had endured throughout his lifetime.