Did anyone see Monica Loughman on The Panel last Thursday? My, didn't she find Andrew Maxwell funny?! Poor Neil and Karl hardly got a look in. She was almost rendered incapacitated through a fit of giggling and hair flicking. Watching Smoke and Mirrors would put a stop to that... Anyway, the countdown to the big performance has begun. Monica is worried: will all her students be ready in time? Programme four sees her hip hop 'crew' introduced to jazz ballet and performs with the professionals from Cork City Ballet. The countdown is on for the dancers' big performance in December and Monica is worried that not everyone is rising to the challenge. Of course, in reality, it's all over as their performance of The Nutcracker took place last Monday, December 1st. But don't let that put you off your viewing. If it has, you'll find something wholly different on offer over on RTE2 from 8.00pm - highlights of Clermont Auvergne v Munster.