With a 400 per cent increase in the number of incarcerated women in the US in the last 30 years, prison births are becoming an increasingly regular occurrence and this new two part series follows the dramatic and emotional stories of one group of expectant mothers serving time. The film provides a unique insight into the experiences of the inmates with intimate access to their lives. Many of the inmates are forced to give up their babies after just 24 hours while the lucky ones get to keep their babies in a special prison nursery - Wee Ones, which was launched in 2007. Featuring births, babies and often intensely emotional scenes, these films use powerful personal stories to pose questions about how the American criminal justice deals with women and children. The programme explores the personal stories of several prisoners including Donna, who says she was raped at 14 after getting drunk for the first time and spiralled into years of substance abuse; and Heather, a former prostitute and mother of 8, who fell pregnant with twins aged 11 and claims she is denied a place on the Wee Ones project due to a conviction for violence dating back to when she was 10 years old.