Deciding what to do with a relative's ashes can be a serious dilemma, but now there are increasing options available to those left behind and the ashes business is booming! Ashes to Diamonds is a heartfelt, eye-opening, and at times funny film exploring how creative some people are becoming when it comes to our cremated remains. Filmmaker David Brindley meets families who have chosen some of the most surprising, adventurous and unusual ways to say goodbye to their departed's ashes. Helen, 58, has decided that some of her husband's ashes will be turned into a diamond for her; while the rest are loaded into gun cartridges to be blasted into the sky by 50 of his friends. Meanwhile, Jill's husband George died eight months ago. Recently Jill discovered artist Val Thompson, in Sunderland, and commissioned from her a landscape painting of the couple's favourite holiday, mixing some of George into the scenery.