When an informant is tortured and killed, DCI Gene Hunt is convinced that a major scam is about to happen and wants CID to fire on all cylinders to prevent it, as the Eighties police drama concludes. t's not long before Gene's gut feeling is proved right, as he, DI Alex Drake, DS Ray Carling and DC Chris Skelton receive information that a gold bullion heist is about to take place - police officers are planning to intercept the robbers and steal the gold for themselves. Gene's head is turned by Jenette, an attractive woman whose uncomplicated nature and simple belief in him offers him everything that Alex can't. Jenette is in danger from those planning the heist and Gene is more than happy to personally ensure her safety. Alex's increasingly strange behaviour, meanwhile, is making Gene nervous. He's not sure whose side Alex is on and this serious breakdown in their relationship is threatening to tear the whole team apart. Little does he know that Alex's future body has contracted a virus in hospital and she might be on her way out. With more messages coming from "back home", she's terrified that her time in the future is running out and is desperate for Gene's help. However, the truth may be too big for him to comprehend.