Tonight sees leg two of the Around the World In 80 Days challenge, in which six pairs of celebrities race against the clock in an ambitious global relay, re-enacting the epic odysseys of Phileas Fogg and Michael Palin. Apprentice stars Nick 'The Twitch' Hewer and Saira (I think she was in the first series?) Khan are already up against it, as funny men Frank Skinner and Lee Mack didn't make it to the border between Turkey and Iraq to meet them as arranged, so the leg-two celebrities had to travel further out to Cappadocia to collect the all-important baton. In just 14 days they have to be in Kazakhstan, more than 3,000 miles away, through war-torn Iraq and volatile Iran, to hand over to Countryfile presenters Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker. Just in case you're wondering what all this is in aid of, it's for Children In Need. The Beeb keep with this theme this evening... screening My Supermodel Baby at 11.05pm.