It's the final leg, and actors Shane Richie and Josie Lawrence must race against the clock to bring the dramatic relay to a close (to recap, their objective is to raise money for this year's BBC Children In Need Appeal along the way). The duo have a thousand miles to cover to reach the port of Wilmington, North Carolina, but disaster is just around the corner… Together they race to the port of Wilmington in North Carolina, where they hope to meet some of the state's avid soap fans and catch a cargo ship home to Britain. However, the impending arrival of Hurricane Bill threatens to disrupt their schedule (not to mention their bellies *heaves*). With the risk of failure too close for comfort, Shane and Josie's only chance to get back on track is to somehow get off the ship early as it passes the south coast of the UK. The problem is, the cargo ship can't stop and the team is forced to take extreme measures to race on - clambering down a rope ladder from the ship and onto another boat.