'Can you tell what it is yet?' Yes, it's a celebration of Rolf Harris's life and career as he embarks on a project to make a series of paintings inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, working with his wife Alwen, supermodel Lily Cole, actresses Emer Kenny and Dervla Kirwan, and rock royalty Lizzy Jagger. The film also explores Rolf's 57 years as a singer, musician and artist. He is shown being mobbed by art fans, rocking the 2010 Glastonbury crowds and playing an outdoor concert in Vancouver - all proof that even at 80 years of age, there is no stopping this ultimate showman.And while you still have your wobble board at hand stay here for QI XL, 10.30pm, Stephen Fry presents a Christmas special of the comedy quiz, with boy wizard Harry Potter - better known to his mum as actor Daniel Radcliffe - chat show supremo Graham Norton, comedian Lee Mack and regular Alan Davies answering questions on the theme of hocus pocus.