Well, season ten hasn't exactly given us anything new - except increased amounts of squealing (we didn't think it possible) and a new judge in the form of Czech born beauty Paulina Porizkova, who's been drafted in to replace Twiggy. Oh, and for those of you who thought the transsexual was in this season, he/she will appear in cycle eleven. Episode three of ANTM is always our favourite as it's the makeover show. And this one's even better as there's a lingerie photo shoot thrown in for good measure. Following this, at 10.00pm, is the beyond fantastical Lipstick Jungle. Seriously, it's SO ridiculous it makes the Sex and The City lifestyle seem entirely obtainable. Tonight's third installment sees Victory ('Charlotte Yorke') introduces her new man to Wendy (Carrie meets Miranda) and Nico (Samantha meets Carrie by way of Miranda), which leads to a drastic change in the direction of the relationship. Brooke Shields (on speed and many fillers), Andrew McCarthy (by way of a vampire), and the sublime Julian Sands are amongst the cast.