The brand spanking new series allegedly starts tonight and, at the time of typing this preview, there's NOTHING about it on the Living website. Very strange, especially since it's the tenth series and something of a landmark affair. Following a 'difficult audition process' (aren't they always), Jay Alexander and Jay Manuel select 14 candidates to compete in the reality show, which is presented - as always - by Tyra 'Gurner' Banks. If you're looking for Make Me a Supermodel (which has turned to muck), it can be seen at the earlier time of 8.00pm, while the new Candace Bushnell drama Lipstick Jungle (when I say 'new', I mean it's got three high-powered businesswomen living in New York instead of four) starts at 10.00pm - that's assuming you're not glued to Pam: Middle-aged Mother of Two over on E!