The Britain's Got Talent star will step outside her own career as an actress and judge on the UK’s most overblown variety show to experience the very different lives of a country singer, Parisian showgirl and stuntwoman. 'Cause who doesn't fantasise about being one of them... She will inhabit the culture and lifestyle integral to these apparently dream jobs and meet real pros and legendary figures. As she immerses herself as the female version of Justin Lee Collins, Amanda will work towards meeting the daunting challenge of performing in each role. This week Amanda lives her dream of becoming a Parisian showgirl. She discovers grit behind the glamour as she tries to learn gruelling dance routines in just a few days. Twelve days after arriving in Paris - Amanda is going on stage with the Blue Bells for her toughest challenge yet. With four routines, four costume changes and a ride on the animatronic elephant ahead of her she looks at the picture of Simon Cowell on her mirror and says: 'I hope to God this man isn't watching.' Don't worry, Amanda, chances are he's not.