This week’s episode of Fantasy Lives sees Amanda find out what it takes to become a stunt woman in Hollywood. She faces stunt driving, high jumps, stunt fighting and is even set on fire in her bid to discover what it takes to be a successful stunt woman. Amanda meets up with some of the most successful stuntwomen in America who teach her the tricks of the trade. Her mentor is Jeanie Epper, who at 68 is one of the toughest and most experienced stuntwomen in Hollywood. Jeanie doubled for Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman in the seventies and has appeared in a raft of top movies including Romancing the Stone, Beverly Hills Cop and Die Hard. There are no schools for stunt professionals but people working in the industry regularly get together for ‘backyard’ sessions to practice their craft. 'New to ITV2', The Vampire Diaries start tonight at 10.00pm.