Sarah Lancashire (Raquel from Corrie), Neil Pearson (the dude from Drop the Dead Donkey), Sarah Alexander (the blonde bird from Smack The Pony and Coupling) and Richard Fleeshman (Craig from Corrie) star in Debbie Horsfield's new, six-part musical drama series. Esther and Michael Caddick are dedicated and inspirational guardians of their local choir and parents of three teenagers. As they celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, beguiling beauty Layla arrives on the scene, dividing loyalties and causing mayhem in her determination to displace Esther as solo soprano and steal the heart of her conductor husband. Bewitched by Layla's charm, Michael tells Esther it's time for both of them to think long and hard about how they should spend the rest of their lives, and he takes the decision to move out of the family home. Drama ensues.