Is it us, or does Fern appear to be reading ALL the links off the autocue? Producers probably told her she'd earn a couple more grand if she did all the work. Tonight, in the second show of the new series, Coronation Street's Alan Halsall (Panto pro, Jerome) and his fiancée, actress Lucy-Jo Hudson (who used to play Katie in Corrie), presenter Ulrika Jonsson and husband Brian Monet, and Status Quo's Rick Parfitt and his wife Lyndsey, will all compete for big cash prizes for a charity of their choice. As each pair plays, one half will be sent off to a sound proofed booth whilst their other half will be quizzed on their relationship and life together. The other half of the couple will then return and be challenged to match their partner's answers in a bid to win points. Exciting stuff. Following at 8.15pm, on TV3 and UTV, is Britain's Got People They'll Laud For a Couple of Months.