While the Beeb are honoring the war heroes by singing and dancing, ITV have chosen to go with all things Sir David. Following on from his documentary Battle of Britain at 7.00pm, he then stars in this film chronicling the story of three World War Two veterans, Harry (Sir David) and his friends Frank (David Warner) and Albert (Michael Jayston). The story begins as Harry (David Jason) and Frank (David Warner) prepare to visit Albert at his hospital bedside amid IV drips, fruit and Get Well Soon' cards. He maybe dying, but Albert is still smiling and happy to see his old comrades whose life-long friendship was forged in the heat of battle. As it happens, his dying wish is to be buried on the little hill outside Hinderburg in Germany where he watched the Russians take position in the closing stages of the Battle for Berlin. Amid the noise, confusion and chaos this is the last time Albert felt truly alive.