It's Sunday night. That can only mean Alan's dusting off his teef to host yet another show rife with chicanery, bitchiness and cheap hooch. Tonight, the host welcomes comedian Frank Skinner (who's really been getting himself around the Channel 4 schedule over the last few weeks), "actor" Natalie Imbruglia (funny, we thought she was peddling herself as a singer these days), and - most controversially - Peter Andre. To be frank, that's the only reason we'll be watching it. Oh, and perhaps to see the Noisettes perform their latest single, Wild Young Hearts (Shingai Shoniwa's shapes are something to behold). And the frivolity just doesn't cease tonight on Channel 4; Bring It On follows at 10.50pm. Successful high-school cheerleaders discover their popular dance moves were stolen from an inner-city rival by their ambitious former captain. The squad has to come up with a new routine quickly in order to salvage some pride and succeed at the forthcoming championships. Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford and Gabrielle Union all star in this hard hitting stuff.