Christopher Eccleston and a rake load more famous faces star in Accused, the first in a series of six new dramas written by Jimmy McGovern. Each story is about an ordinary person who ends up in the dock. Willy is a man in turmoil. He does his best; he's a good plumber and a loving father, but he fails to be a faithful husband. At the very moment Willy's about to drop the bombshell on his wife, Carmel, his daughter Laura arrives home and announces she's getting married. Willy's guilty secret must wait. Shortly afterwards his family are out for a celebratory dinner with Laura's well-to-do prospective in-laws. He insists on paying for everything and is humiliated when his bank card is refused. Mounting wedding costs and the discovery he has not been paid for his last job cause him to panic, until he finds something on the back seat of a taxi that could be the answer to his prayers - or the beginning of his downfall. With Pooky Quesnel, Joanna Higson and Emma Stansfield.