Need you ask... The hit overseas property show returns for a ten week run of brand-new episodes. Each week presenters Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin help prospective buyers over in England to choose between buying abroad or staying in put. Jayne and Hendrik are desperate to get out of their rented house and buy their own property. They have just been made redundant, and can't decide between staying at home or taking advantage of their situation and moving abroad. With £380k the couple are torn between Hertfordshire or Italy. They have been looking for months and have a long wish-list; so can Jonnie or Jasmine deliver everything they want? If you'd prefer pretty colours at this time of a Friday, switch to SKY1 for a star studded edition of The Simpsons, featuring Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand, Nick Park, JB Smoove and Halle Berry.