Tom Wilkinson and Rhys Ifans (yep, he finds time to act between falling out of Bungalow 8) star in the screen adaptation of British playwright Caryl Churchill's stage play from 2002. It is a fascinating study of family relationships, human identity and nature versus nurture. The potential of erasing the past and starting anew is an appealing one - but at what price?  Salter is confronted by his son, Bernard, demanding answers about his existence only to discover a disturbing secret. He is not his father's son but a clone, and he is not alone. He is one of 'a number' - perhaps more than 20 people - who were copied from his father's first son, whom Salter claims was killed in a car crash. The situation takes a turn for the worse when Salter's first son, the original Bernard, returns to torment his father and his unfortunate clone. With the responsibilities of parenthood bearing down on Salter, and his past coming back to haunt him, a whole manner of unpalatable truths come out. Salter knows he has to face up to this disaster of his own making..