Mortensen Plays Tom Stall; proprietor of the local cafe, happily married to Edie (Maria Bello), and attentive father to a teenage son and young daughter. Director David Cronenberg establishes all of this with his customary painstaking exactitude, abetted by his regular collaborators cinematographer Peter Suschitzky and composer Howard Shore. Toward this impossibly ideal marriage, drive two serial murderers. Stall's instinctive reaction when they arrive in his cafe exposes a side to him that he cannot explain away, especially when Fogarty (Ed Harris), an Irish mobster from Philly, turns up and greets him as long lost hard man Joey Cusack. Like in nearly every other Cronenberg film, what is perhaps most realistically represented is the sex and the violence, things that are hidden in everyday life. Everything else, the surfaces of everyday life are rendered so 'real' that the audience knows something is up, that something is going to go horribly wrong at any moment.