What do you do if you really want to have a girl and you just keep on having boys? Keep trying, like the Bowens have, for 21 years? Or just accept the situation.... and possibly dress boy number five up as Shirley Temple occasionally? Forty-three-year-old Wendy Bowen has eight boys and is still desperate for her dream girl. Her biological clock ticking has turned it into an obsession. She's not alone though; Cutting Edge meets women like Wendy who suffer from a 'psychological condition' called "Gender Disappointment". Thirty-seven-year-old mother of four boys Michelle Priestley, from Bedford, is pregnant with her fifth child, and has followed some fairly unusual natural gender-swaying methods as she tries for a daughter, such as dietary supplements, herbal extracts, and timing sex for a particular day. Erotic. The cameras are with her when she finds out if she's finally going to have that longed-for daughter.