ITV have sent desperate fame hungry sorts, such as Joe Absolom, Diarmaid Gavin, Gavin Henson, Shane Richie, Michelle Mone, and that Konnie Huq off the Xtraneous Factor, to somewhere way north with a lot of snow. They will be split into two teams and given strict instructions for a terrifying challenge. The two team leaders must select their teams in school playground fashion and no one wants to be picked last! This week the celebrities will learn how to evacuate a casualty from mountain terrain. The team leaders must decide who will be strapped into the emergency stretcher while the rest of the team must transport the 'casualty' quickly but safely down the mountain to the finish point. What the teams don't know is that the finish line of the race lies on the other side of a perilous canyon. And the only way to get over it is on a web crossing made of rope. Kate Thornton and Gethin Jones preside over this yoke of a programme.