In this week's episode, the medical team faces a range of sport and drink-related injuries on a busy Saturday. But events turn darker when a family party goes horribly wrong, leaving a father and son with life-threatening injuries. Every year in the UK 750,000 people are treated at A&E for injuries suffered during recreational activities, mostly at weekends. Ball games account for 300,000 of those, with football the number one culprit, closely followed by rugby. But as evening approaches, sporting injuries begin to make way for the results of another favourite recreational pastime: drinking. Here, two 19-year-old girls are waiting for treatment after falling when the bar they were dancing on collapsed, while bricklayer Colin has been badly cut by someone trying to mug him. But the evening takes a dramatic turn when a father and son, Morris and Jamie, are rushed into A&E badly injured after being attacked by gate crashers, one armed with a Samurai sword, at a family birthday party.